Hilary Swank rescues a lost puppy, woman relieved to discover her lost puppy.

When a lost puppy returns home, it’s already fantastic news. But it’s much better when there’s a movie star involved.

Chelsea Blackwell did what any distressed dog mom would do when her beloved dachshund Blue vanished: she immediately started looking for him. She drove for an hour through the streets of New York before sighting a line of police cars and people with cameras near the Albany Greyhound bus station.

Blackwell was bracing himself for more unpleasant news. She told the Times Union Albany, “I pulled over and thought, oh gosh, did someone get shot?”

Blackwell had just made it one giant step closer to discovering Blue, coupled with a celebrity surprise, as she would soon discover.

Instead of a crime scene, Blackwell had stumbled across a filming setting. She resumed her quest by asking the film crew if they had seen a small brown puppy. Yes, someone had found a small brown puppy, much to her surprise. In fact, not just anyone. But it’s a well-known brand.

Blackwell couldn’t believe her eyes until an hour later, when a car pulls up and she sees Blue sitting in Hilary Swank’s lap.

Hilary-Swank-rescues-a-lost-puppy,-woman-relieved-to-discover-her-lost-puppy main
Hilary-Swank-rescues-a-lost-puppy,-woman-relieved-to-discover-her-lost-puppy main

Swank has a reputation for being a dog lover and hero, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Swank said in a People Magazine interview from 2021 that “every dog I’ve ever rescued and also shared my life with has had their own distinct way of existing in the world.”

Hilaroo (named after her own rescued puppy named Karoo) is a two-time Academy Award winner who unites abandoned animals with at-risk children. Maybe Blue was simply in the right place at the right time… Swank might have turned into a dog magnet. What are the chances?

In any case, it was a happily ever after. Blackwell, relieved and a little star-struck, approached Swank for an autograph. Instead, the actress proposed a photo of the two of them. Who wouldn’t want to photograph this once-in-a-lifetime occasion?

I’m overjoyed that Blue has returned home and has his own celebrity sighting story.

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