At the 2022 Met Gala, Katy Perry wore the Most Unexpected One-Shoulder Gown

Katy Perry wore something interesting for her comeback to the Met Gala, however it wasn’t a chandelier or a hamburger. The singer dramatically subdued her usual antics with a simple black and white one-shoulder gown accented with floral lace and Aquazzura heels, just hours after donning a seashell bra and mermaid tail for Disney night on American Idol.

Perry had not attended the event since 2019—the chandelier year, in case you were wondering. Her fiancé Orlando Bloom, with whom she shares Daisy Dove Bloom, a daughter due in August 2020, was not present.

Some others, like designer Tom Ford, who acted as one of the evening’s co-chairs, were probably relieved to see Perry tone down her style this year. Ford blamed Perry, albeit not by name, for contributing to the deterioration of good taste at fashion’s biggest night in an April interview with Time.

“The only thing about the Met that I don’t like is that it’s become a costume party,” he added. “It used to “The only thing about the Met that I wish hadn’t happened is that it’s turned into a costume party,” he said. “That used to just be very chic people wearing very beautiful clothes going to an exhibition about the 18th century. You didn’t have to look like the 18th century, you didn’t have to dress like a hamburger, you didn’t have to arrive in a van where you were standing up because you couldn’t sit down because you wore a chandelier.”

I understand and agree with this reasoning in theory. The problem is that “extremely trendy people” wear “really gorgeous outfits” at dozens of occasions each year. The internet has devolved into a never-ending parade of celebrity red-carpet and street-style images, each one less intriguing than the one before it. When the Met Gala delivers, it’s like a bolt of lightning—refreshing and irreversible. For an evening where taking chances is encouraged, celebrities are more likely to do so. Perry may not be particularly “stylish” or “chic,” but that criticism is directed at Perry’s stylist rather than the Met Gala as a whole. And anyway, if the thought of a celebrity standing in a moving vehicle dressed as a Beauty and the Beast extra doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Perry appears to have gotten the message, regardless of Ford’s (or mine) opinion. “It would be very obvPerry appears to have gotten the message, regardless of Ford’s (or mine) opinion.  “It would be pretty obvious for me to go play the kooky, crazy, wild, big, fun, colorful card. This time, I’m going to play a whole different card.”  And, yes, we’ll do without the burger costume. Where is our Celine Dion kiss, though?

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