David Duchovny, who played Fox Mulder on The X-Files, wants to reprise his role.

Without The X-Files, the 1990s would have been a very different decade. After all, the Fox TV series introduced the intriguing partners Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who not only investigated urban legends and conspiracies but also introduced the mysterious companions Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Unfortunately, it does not appear like the show will be renewed. Even yet, David Duchovny has stated that he is “always up” for a future return as an FBI special agent!

David Duchovny recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about the idea of reprising his role as Fox Mulder if The X-Files is rebooted again. Duchovny, unsurprisingly, was ecstatic about the prospect.

Davidy Duchovny says 7 years not enough


“I thought the first seven years were enough! But I’m always up for more, clearly,” Duchovny said. He then added that he was recently reminded of what makes the show so great.

“Someone sent me a clip of Joel McHale from the 2016 episodes we did, and it’s a spot-on description of where we’re at six years later. I don’t think [X-Files creator] Chris Carter gets enough credit for being [prescient],” Duchovny stated.

What, on the other hand, might happen if The X-Files returns for Season 12? It didn’t matter to Duchovny because anything may happen.


“Don’t worry about plot twists or who gets pregnant or who gets shot. Because every show devolves into a soap opera, you’re limited in your choices. Aren’t people going to die, become pregnant, or go to prison? Or you could run for president “he stated

It’s unclear whether The X-Files will return for another season for the time being. After all, Gillian Anderson has announced officially that she was done with the series, and we can’t envision Dana Scully returning to the show. Meanwhile, Duchovny has just launched The Reservoir, a novella that is currently available at your local bookstore.

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