Every year, Prince Charles sends over 2,400 letters, many of them to members of the public.

Every year, The Prince of Wales writes thousands of letters, frequently by hand.

Prince Charles’ spouse, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has referred to him as a workaholic. In fact, Prince Harry reportedly made the joke that his father would wake up with paper attached to his face because of how late he was known to stay at his desk.

The cause is now becoming more obvious. Charles, 73, was revealed to be a prodigious letter writer at a briefing for the annual royal financial report on Wednesday. He writes more than 2,400 letters year, or roughly seven virtually every day.

Charles receives tens of thousands of letters each year.

Charles receives tens of thousands of letters each year.

Many are addressed to the general population directly. According to reports, Charles receives tens of thousands of letters each year. He also sees a sizable number of letters addressed specifically to him by British citizens.

According to a royal source, it was “touching” how the prince may be drawn to letters from the public because of “what they were saying or the kind of issues they were presenting.”

The source continues, “Very frequently, those who write to him in the public may be shocked to find on their doormat a personal letter to them from the heir to the throne.

“It all comes down to listening. He claims that listening is the only way to learn, and that writing from the public to him is an example of listening actively. He truly considers the ideas and criticisms and gains knowledge from them “says the source.

Many of his responses are also related to his formal state business, like as his gratitude for welcoming Charles and Camilla to Rwanda earlier this month.

Charles receives tens of thousands of letters each year.

The royal briefing on Wednesday also included information about Charles and Camilla’s visit with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their two children earlier this month.

According to a source, Charles and Camilla found spending time with the family to be “amazing.”

“It was a wonderful trip. The prince was overjoyed to finally meet his granddaughter and see his grandson “claims a royal source.

The insider continues, “Charles had not seen his grandson Archie for a little of time. The Prince and the Duchess [of Cornwall] were really happy to meet them.”

“Being able to spend time with him was quite special. To finally see his granddaughter Lilibet was an emotional experience for him; it was a lovely thing, “says the source.

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