Heidi Klum claims that her “skill” is managing her perspiration.

On Thursday’s edition of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” the 49-year-old supermodel said that she has self-control over her sweating.

“They come all the time and they will put that powder puff in your face 24/7,” she shared. “So I’m like: Don’t sweat in the face. I just tell myself not to sweat in the face!”

Sadly, she can only stop sweating on her face by using her “gift”.

“I sweat everywhere where you don’t see it,” Heidi Klum said, gesturing at her underarms. “That’s my talent. It’s hidden, because I don’t show it.”

Tim Gunn does not wear makeup while filming their show “Making the Cut,” according to Klum, who appeared on the late-night talk show.

“He does not wear any makeup,” she said of Gunn. “Where I spend two hours on all of this, like, he just shows up … no foundation, no powder, nothing.”

Later in the discussion, Klum brought up her well-known legs and disclosed that Lloyd’s of London once insured them for $2 million. She cited the fact that one of her legs was valued higher than the other.

“I think this one was maybe only, like, $700,000,” she said, referencing her left leg. “And this one was, like, $1.3 [million]. Because I have a little scar on [my left] leg when I fell into a glass.”

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