Lena Headey sued for $1.5 million because her role in “Thor: Love and Thunder” was cancelled.

Although Headey’s performance in “Thor: Love and Thunder” didn’t make the cut, her old agency feels she is owed a sizable commission.

Lena Headey’s former agents are suing her despite the fact that none of the scenes she filmed for “Thor: Love and Thunder” were included in the final edit.

According to a complaint filed by Headey’s former agency, Troika, the actress owes outstanding commissions totaling $1.5 million, including $500,000 from her “Thor: Love and Thunder” salary. Additionally, the agency is requesting $300,000 from the movie “9 Bullets” and $650,000 from the cancelled Showtime series “Rita.” Headey had agreed to take on the role of the show’s title character, but Showtime chose against continuing with it after watching the pilot.


In 2005, when her longtime agent Michael Duff left Lou Carl Associates to go for Troika, Headey reportedly signed with the company. In 2017, Troika amalgamated with James Grant Group, and in 2018, a private equity group purchased it and changed its name to YMU. In May 2020, Headey again followed Michael Duff out of the company.

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But according to the agency, she did not fully reimburse the business for the money she owed it before quitting. The latest demands made by Headey’s former agency include an accounting of commission fees owing, an order for the payment of the money, damages for contract violation, interest, and payment of legal costs.

Headey denies Troika’s assertion, claiming that she never agreed to a contract with the company and that she and Duff had been working together orally for a very long time. The actress insists that since verbally deciding on the parameters of their contract in the 1990s, she and Duff have never changed them. She further adds that throughout their entire commercial partnership, CAA handled her American affairs while Troika only managed her European responsibilities.

The longest-running character Headey played on “Game of Thrones,” Cersei Lannister, earning her five Primetime Emmy nominations for. She will next be featured with Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, and Kathleen Turner in the upcoming HBO drama “The White House Plumbers.” She will also appear in the upcoming AMC television series “Beacon 23” and the movie “9 Bullets,” which also stars Sam Worthington.

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