Matthew Fox, star of ‘Lost’, finally reveals why he quit acting.

The mystery surrounding Matthew Fox’s disappearance from Hollywood has been solved.

The Lost alum, who hasn’t acted in nearly a decade, finally spoke up about his choice to leave the industry over the weekend. Fox also explained why he decided to put his retirement on hold in order to star in Peacock’s upcoming post-apocalyptic drama series Last Light.

Matthew Fox wanted to do a Western

“I kind of had a bucket list in my mind of things that I wanted to accomplish in the business, and after I did [the movie] Bone Tomahawk in 2014 that had kind of completed the bucket list,” he told reporters (per Variety) Saturday at the Monte-Carlo Film Festival, where Last Light had its world premiere. “I wanted to do a Western. It’s a very odd Western, but it’s a Western. And so that sort of completed the bucket list.”

Another factor, Matthew Fox said, was family. “At that time in my life, our kids were at an age where I felt like I needed to really reengage,” he explained of his two children with wife Margherita Ronchi. “I had been focused on work for some time, and [my wife] Margherita had been running the family so beautifully, but I felt like it was time to be home, and I really felt like I was retiring from the business, and working on other creative elements that are really personal to me — some music and writing.”

Last Light, which also stars Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey, reintroduces Fox — who also acts as an EP on the show — to television for the first time since Lost concluded in 2010. When oil supply are compromised, the thriller imagines a world in turmoil. The premiere date for A Peacock has yet to be determined.

“I kind of got to a point where I thought that maybe the bucket list included executive producing,” he said of being lured back to acting. “I’d never done that before. The opportunity to be involved in Last Light came along, and so I wanted to give it a shot. And it felt like the right time.”

Fox’s resignation occurred at the end of a tumultuous period in his personal life.

He was charged with assaulting a female bus driver in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2011. Prosecutors decided not to charge him after he refuted the claims. The bus driver later dropped a civil claim he had brought. Dominic Monaghan, a co-star on Fox’s Lost, fueled the fire by tweeting in May 2012 that Fox “beats women.” There haven’t been any single incidents. Often.”

In an October 2012 interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fox acknowledged that “it’s been a very tough year for me and my family,” adding, “It’s difficult to be accused of something you did not do.”