Mike Tyson attacked a man on a plane who had a long criminal background.

Mike Tyson and another passenger on his JetBlue flight had an altercation recently, and new details have emerged.

According to TMZ, Melvin Townsend III, the 36-year-old guy Tyson hit on the plane, has a lengthy criminal history.

Townsend has been found guilty of fraud, grand theft, burglary, drug possession, and trafficking in stolen property.

Townsend was arrested in 2018 after breaking into someone’s home and stealing their trailer, which he hitched to the back of his pickup vehicle. Townsend was also found to be in possession of oxycodone in a different incident.

Townsend was imprisoned twice: once for 20 months and again for 15 months.

Tyson was caught on camera punching Townsend in the head several times after harassing the former heavyweight champion. On their journey from San Francisco to Miami on Wednesday, Townsend was seated behind Tyson. Townsend is heard constantly saying Tyson’s name in an attempt to gain his attention in the video.

Tyson, 55, claims Townsend hurled a water bottle at the boxer-turned-cannabis entrepreneur, escalating the situation.

Tyson eventually snapped and attacked Townsend repeatedly, leaving him battered and bloodied. Law officers brought both men off the plane and greeted them.

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