RHOC: Jen Armstrong sends a Divorce to Ryne Holliday 

Jen Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Orange County has filed for divorce from Ryne Holliday. She is requesting sole custody of the children.

Jen Armstrong of The Real Housewives of Orange County and her husband Ryne Holliday have formally divorced. Jen filed for legal separation from Ryne just a few weeks ago, but their physical separation was set for September 2021. Jen and Ryne’s troubles were well-documented by RHOC viewers, especially when it came to her work-life balance. Ryne frequently felt as if the cosmetic doctor prioritised her practise over Jen’s as the main earner.

Jen tried to talk to Ryne about their problems in front of the cameras, but he shut down and refused to engage with her. Fans of the RHOC noticed that Ryne was more affectionate toward their dog, Mr. Puppers, than Jen. Jen called Ryne during a cast vacation to Mexico and informed him how she was battling with her severe pain. Even though Jen asked Ryne to console her, he appeared strangely cold and uncaring. Jen told him she loved him as they hung up the phone, but he didn’t reciprocate.

Jen has officially filed for divorce from Ryne, according to Radar. Jen is seeking primary legal and physical custody of their three children, Vera, Vince, and Robert, with visiting rights granted to Ryne. She has also asked to keep assets she accumulated before and after her marriage to Ryne. Jen has a huge list of assets, including her home, automobiles, bank accounts, any inheritance she has received, and her medical spa. In addition, the doctor has asked for a 90% share in their shared Honolulu, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach residences.

Jen has officially filed for divorce from Ryne,

Jen cited “irreconcilable issues” as the basis for her and Ryne’s split. Jen bemoaned to fellow RHOC co-star Heather Dubrow during season 16 that she and Ryne were having communication issues. Jen should sit down with Ryne and have a heart-to-heart chat, according to Heather’s advice. She revealed that she and her husband Terry Dubrow had a particularly difficult year, which nearly resulted in a divorce. They had a “come to Jesus” moment, she added, and were able to get their marriage back on track.

Unfortunately, Jen and Ryne do not appear to have had the same enlightenment as Heather and Terry. Jen revealed that she and Ryne had been separated for over a month after the season concluded during the RHOC season 16 reunion. They did, however, decide to start over in a new home and put their present one on the market. Jen remained unclear about their “new beginning” when she informed Andy Cohen that she didn’t know if Ryne would be moving in with her. Jen appears to have made up her mind, and the Real Housewives of Orange County star is set on remaining single for the time being.

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