Why Brandi Glanville Is Her Own Worst Enemy, According to RHOBH Fans

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are pointing out that Brandi Glanville, who recently made a return on the Housewives mashup, is her own worst enemy.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are pointing out all the ways Brandi Glanville has been her own worst enemy in the wake of her return to Bravo. After participating in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 2, Brandi is back in the spotlight. Some of her former co-stars have accused her of being the same contentious scene-stealer she was in RHOBH’s early seasons upon her comeback. With her response to Taylor Armstrong’s ex-husband Russell Armstrong’s suicide and her recent claim that a person is a lesbian based on the appearance of their eyebrows, Brandi is once again making mistakes in public.


On RHUGT, Brandi is revisiting some of her early shenanigans as she settles an old score with Taylor, her co-star. When Brandi stated that her first season was a terrible time for her because of Russell’s demise, many fans were immediately turned off. In other places, Brandi persisted in doubting Taylor’s alleged abuse at the hands of Russell and the timing of her book release following Russell’s passing. Brandi was refuted by Taylor, who also said that she had to publish the book in order to get money so she could support her family. She also assured Brandi that her allegations of abuse weren’t exaggerated in light of the jaw surgery she required as a result of Russell’s claimed assault on her.

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Brandi isn’t presenting anything novel on RHUGT, according to longtime viewers. She is acting in a manner on the spin-off that is reminiscent of how she frequently appeared on RHOBH. Brandi was described as “a total babe” in throwback images submitted by Reddit user u/throwawaysoon111 before she had a major change in appearance. These images were shot during Brandi’s marriage to her ex, Eddie Cibrian. One witness remarked, “She looked so wonderful and then all of a sudden she chose to stuff her face… such a mistake.” Another person said, “She still would be if she hadn’t messed with her features. While some criticised Eddie for choosing to date LeeAnn Rimes, a country music singer, instead of Brandi, others did not believe that Eddie’s actions justified Brandi’s behaviour on the show.


Many praised Brandi for being “beautiful” in her debut season and expressed sympathy for the way the other ladies treated her. As the season 2 newcomer, Brandi became a target and got into arguments with Kyle, Kim, and Adrienne Richards. By season 5, however, Brandi had turned on Lisa Vanderpump and claimed that she appeared to be attempting to bring about her own demise. According to one Redditor, some viewers believe that this is when “you start to see the subtle alteration of her face.” Others have asserted that Brandi’s plastic surgery may have been an effort on her part to retain a youthful appearance in a culture that values beauty and superficiality.

Brandi might not be getting as much attention as she had planned. Although it’s undeniably true that the majority of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans find her externally attractive, an increasing number of people find her disposition to be unfavourable. Brandi has made an effort to address her problems by speaking her mind. She shouldn’t be too surprised when people express their support for her co-stars in a similar way given how vocal she is about them.

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