Chris Combs of the 1000-lb Sisters Proudly Displays Shocking Physical Changes As A Result Of Weight Loss

Despite the fact that the 1000-lb TLC network series was supposed to be about Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton, Chris Combs has appeared in many more episodes since the first season. The reality star has been complimented for his candor and good attitude, as well as his engaging demeanor, on numerous occasions.

Chris Combs Demonstrates Weight Loss, Leaving Fans Speechless

Chris Combs of the 1000-lb Sisters

Chris resolved to take control of his eating after seeing how well his sisters did on diets. Chris coped with his own eating habits and medical condition in order to be considered for surgery, and he was eventually approved.

Chris Combs Proudly Shows Off His Significant Physical Changes

Chris has lost more than 140 pounds since his operation in less than a year, and his fans can’t overlook the difference. Chris Combs recently thanked his fans for their love and encouragement in a photo he shared on social media. In a series of private photos shared on social media, the reality star revealed his fitness journey.

In the first shot, Chris was photographed at his heaviest. The reality star’s second photo was taken recently. According to fans in the comments, the difference between the two photographs is breath-taking. Even if the two images are of the same individual, it’s tough to tell.

Fans are blown away by Chris Combs’ performance.

Chris Combs of the 1000-lb Sisters

Even though his skin is plainly slack from the substantial weight reductions, Tammy Slaton’s brother appears to be lot healthier than fans have ever seen him. His face and upper torso have clearly slimmed down. And many people noticed how much lighter his chest and neck seemed once he lost the weight.

Family has always been a big role in the father-of-decision one’s to lose weight. He had bemoaned the fact that his huge frame prevented him from playing with his daughter and other members of his family on several occasions.

For most people, the problems and trials he had while reducing weight enhanced the rewards. It is without a doubt the most arduous and rewarding task Chris has ever undertaken.

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