‘Come Dance With Me’ Winner. See Who took the Trophy Home

Come Dance With Me, a dance reality competition, has finally concluded its first season, and the winner was revealed on Friday night. To find out who won the prize, continue reading.

Who won “Come Dance With Me” season 1?

Come Dance With Me season 1 champions Justin and Kennedy

Come Dance With Me season 1 champions Justin and Kennedy were announced after over ten weeks of competition, numerous costume changes, various routines, and competitions with other teams.

Justin and Kennedy have become a fan favourite over the past few weeks. They have been the clear favourites in the reality TV dance competition, it would not be incorrect to state.

The father-daughter team won over the judges’ favour, and in the recent weeks, they even managed to earn their first flawless score from them. On the day of the grand finale, they had the highest score and ultimately won Come Dance With Me.

More information about the performance “Come Dance With Me”

Come Dance With Me is a dance reality show that debuted on CBS on April 15, 2022, for those of you who are unaware. It features young dancers who have a family member who has supported them throughout their training and enthusiasm for dancing.

Jenna Dewan, who starred in Step Up, Dexter Mayfield, a plus-size model, and Tricia Miranda, a hip-hop choreographer, are on the panel of judges. Which team moves on in the competition is decided by the judges.

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‘Come Dance With Me’ viewers’ reactions to Justin and Kennedy’s victory

One user wrote, “Congratulations! Kennedy and Justine on winning the 100 k on Come Dance With Me. They were the toughest on you both from the beginning and you won! I knew it so happy for you both! A memory for the rest of your life!”

Another user tweeted, “Yeah it was no surprise to me that Kennedy and Justin won come dance with me.”

Followed by a user who penned, “Congratulations @Ken_and_Justin! You made me smile throughout the competition. Great job! #comedancewithme”

One user tweeted, “That routine from Kennedy and Justin was awesome!!! #comedancewithme”

Another user wrote, “Come Dance with Me champions Kennedy and Justin”

One user tweeted, “Congratulations, Kennedy and Justin on your win! You two were amazing! Loved both of tonight’s routines, although my favorite of the season is still your Argentine Tango! @Ken_and_Justin #ComeDanceWithMe #CDWM”

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