Garth Brooks will perform in Buffalo on July 23 as part of his Stadium Tour.

Garth Brooks, the country music superstar, will perform at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo on July 23rd, the second to last stop on his stadium tour.

Before the start of ticket sales, Erie News Now got down with him for a one-on-one conversation.

Brooks, who has won seven CMA awards, said he has never missed a show in Pittsburgh or Buffalo in his 30 years on the road.

“The crowds are massive, and they know every syllable or word of every song,” he remarked.

Brooks will play Highmark Stadium in July for his second-to-last gig on his first and only stadium tour.


With nearly 90,000 tickets sold in each city, this tour shattered 24 attendance records and was awarded the best-selling country music tour of 2019.

However, he stated that the trip in Buffalo is about much more than that.

“Right now, Buffalo needs us,” he remarked. “Bring the love since they’ve been through a lot. If you come to this stadium, expect chaos, excitement, and a lot of noise. Bring your helmet, but also your heart, and fill it up since these individuals are in desperate need. We have to get there, we have to be a part of the healing, and we have to sing together, loudly. This makes life easier for the elderly gentleman while also providing entertainment for the rest of the group.”

He’s earned every award the music industry has to offer, but he told Erie News Now that it’s all about the people, and he has the greatest seat in the house.


“I observe people who, if they were in the same room, would definitely get along because they are either red or blue, black or white, but for some reason they are still singing ‘Friends in Low Places’ with their arms around each other,” Brooks added.

That’s why, despite rising inflation and petrol prices, he’s still hoping for a big turnout in Buffalo in a few weeks, not just for him, but for everyone.

On Friday, June 17th, at 10 a.m. ET, tickets for Garth Brooks’ event at Highmark Stadium will go on sale. Purchases are limited to eight tickets.

The following are three options for purchasing tickets:


2) Call Ticketmaster’s Garth Brooks Line at 1-877-654-2784.

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