In his comedy show, Chris Rock mocks the Johnny Depp trial, saying, “Believe All Women Except Amber Heard.”

Will Smith’s Oscars smack was also mentioned by the comedian.

After making a joke about her defecating in ex-husband Johnny Depp’s bed, Chris Rock slammed Amber Heard last week.

According to LADBible, Rock brought up the claim during a comedy act in London on Thursday as the comedian reflected on the “new regulations” about sleeping with other people.

After the “Edward Scissorhands” star launched a $50 million defamation lawsuit against her, Heard and Depp are currently in the middle of a lengthy trial. During the trial, the claim that the “Aquaman” actor discharged herself in her ex’s bed emerged.

In a profanity-laced part of the show, the comic took a direct jab at Heard:

All women should be trusted… except Amber Heard. What the hell is she up to?

She defecated in his bed! She’s alright, but not shitting alright. She defecated in his bed. You’re guilty of everything once you spit in someone’s bed… What the hell is going on in that place? Wow. They went on to have a relationship after that. It must be great, pussy… Goddamnit, I’ve been with some insane babes.

Chris Rock mocks the Johnny Depp trial,

Last month, the actor’s alleged 2016 defecation episode was revealed in court after Starling Jenkins III, Depp’s former executive chauffeur and security guard, testified that the actress informed him of the “surprise” she left in Depp’s bed after the two had a disagreement while they were together.

While transporting her to the Coachella festival in Indio, California, in 2016, the security officer stated in court that Heard informed him the faeces was a “terrible practical joke gone bad.”

Heard tried to blame the dirty bed on his teacup Yorkies, according to Depp.

“I told Mr. [security guard Sean] Bett that she was at Coachella.’ “I think it’s a wonderful moment for me to go downtown and get some of my belongings out of there,” Depp remarked. “Especially items that were precious to me.”

“Then he showed me a photograph on his phone of… it was a photograph of our bed, and there was human faeces on my side of the bed,” he continued. “I couldn’t help but chuckle because it was so strange and disgusting.” As a result, I didn’t go down that day.”

Heard testified at the UK’s High Court in London in 2020 that she never pooped in Depp’s bed.

Heard commented at the time, “That’s really terrible.” “I’m not sure what kind of adult would do such a thing.”

During Thursday’s comedy event, Rock also mentioned his March Oscars altercation with Will Smith. After Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, having a shaved head, Smith hit him. Pinkett Smith has spoken up about her battles with baldness.

“If anyone was wondering, I’m fine.” Rock joked at the start of the programme, “I got most of my hearing back,” referring to the slap.

Chris Rock mocks the Johnny Depp trial

“People expect me to talk about the nonsense,” he told the crowd, adding, “People expect me to talk about the bullshit.” Right now, I’m not going to talk about it. I’ll get to it at some point. “It’s on Netflix.”

Later in the programme, he joked, “Anyone who believes ‘words hurt’ has never been struck in the face.”

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