In their final appearance on Ellen DeGeneres, Sophia Grace and Rosie reprise “Super Bass.”

On Thursday, the renowned cousins made their final visit on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. They performed the song that made them famous while they were there.

The duo grabbed the stage to perform “Super Bass,” a Nicki Minaj song that went popular when they were 9 and 5 years old. In the previous ten years, Sophia Grace, now 19, and Rosie, now 15, have appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show more than 30 times.

Sophia Grace shared some amusing backstory on how the video — which has over 54 million views on YouTube — came to be before playing the song again.

“As a child, I always used to play dress up. So did me and Rosie,” she said. “I was dressing up, and Rosie’s favorite costume happened to be The Virgin Mary — you know, Mary and Jesus.”

In their final appearance on Ellen DeGeneres Sophia Grace and Rosie reprise Super Bass

The religious attire was reportedly close to appearing in the popular “Super Bass” video.

“I was around and Rosie was wearing the outfit. I kept singing Nicki Minaj all the time and my Auntie, Rosie’s mom, was the only one who had an iPhone,” Sophia Grace continued. “She said ‘Why don’t we film it? Rosie, quickly get out of the Virgin Mary outfit and get into that outfit.'”

The popular singing video was born from the sudden alteration. As Sophia Grace rapped the song, the two danced together in princess costumes.

In their final appearance on Ellen DeGeneres Sophia Grace and Rosie reprise Super Bass

The two stood to perform a verse from “Super Bass” after recounting some of their best celebrity interactions, including ones with Justin Bieber, Drake, and Minaj herself. They each had their original “microphone” props with them.

Sophia Grace and Rosie are both presently pursuing music careers. On May 6, Sophia Grace released her latest track, “Little Things,” along with a music video.

Rosie McClelland, who goes by her full name, released her own track, “Safe In Your Love,” on Tuesday. At the same time, the music video for the song was released.

On May 26, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will air its farewell episode.

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