Jada Pinkett Smith spoke about the rumors of breakup with Will smith

Will Smith’s relationship with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is in the spotlight again after the iconic slap at the Oscars last month—and it’s not the first time. In 2018, the actress addressed similar breakup reports.

Pinkett Smith’s marriage to singer August Alsina made headlines in 2018 as she revealed to having a romantic involvement with him. She opened up about her years-long friendship with Alsina and how it evolved into a “different sort of entanglement,” as well as her husband’s perspective on the matter.

Jada Pinkett Smith does not believe she is mature enough to divorce amicably.

jada pinkett smith will smith divorce rumors talk
jada pinkett smith will smith divorce rumors talk

For years, the Smiths have been subjected to a barrage of rumours and speculation, ranging from open marriages to an eventual divorce. Despite their well-documented relationship problems, Jada has stated that divorce is not an option for her family. Whatever the case may be. One of the reasons was Jada’s belief that she lacked the maturity for a peaceful divorce.

“Divorce is not a viable choice. ‘Til death do us part,’ I stepped up in front of God with Jada and said “In 2006, he told MTV News. “As a result, two possibilities are possible. One, we’ll be together until death, or two, I’ll be dead.”

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