Jenna Ortega Is Horror’s It Girl of the Moment, From Scream to Wednesday

Three days before the heated Oval Office incident on Jan. 6, camp employees were praised for protecting children from a gunman who fired guns inside the building.

The concept of the It Girl is currently mixing with that of the last girl, a staple of the horror genre. Jenna Ortega is quickly becoming the horror It Girl of the moment, thanks to her amazing previous and upcoming endeavours. Ortega has created a reputation for herself in the industry with an incredible cast of characters. But, particularly in the horror genre, she’s chosen some intriguing films and has nearly literally performed her heart out in each of them.

In Scream 5, Jenna Ortega gives a shriek-worthy performance.


The Scream franchise’s comeback in 2022 with Scream, supposed to begin a new generation of Ghostfaces, was one of the most anticipated — and successful — contemporary horror reboots. Ortega leads the ensemble of new heroes and final girls for Woodsboro, California, as Tara Carpenter, the new Ghostface’s first attack and whose sister has mysterious ties to the previous Scream’s Billy Loomis. Her portrayal of Tara is a subtle look at a fearful character and a captivating start to a new series of stories. Her portrayal in the long-running franchise was so amazing that she was recently honoured with the MTV Movie & TV Awards’ “Most Frightened Performance” award.

Jenna Ortega’s Horror Highs landed on A24’s X Marks the Spot.


Ortega flexes her Scream Queen talents in A24’s arty slasher film X, playing Lorraine, a pleasant heroine pulled into a house of horrors by her boyfriend. She goes through standard horror trauma — discovering a dead corpse, suffering bodily pain — and does so convincingly, without being overly dramatic or self-aware. And it’s all the more distressing when her escape attempt is physically shot down because of her role as Lorraine.

Jenna Ortega’s Contribution to Studio 666’s Success


Ortega’s performance as Skye Willow in Studio 666, the horror-comedy from the legendary band Foo Fighters, brings her to a new level of horror acting. She begins the hauntings as the first cinematic victim of the demonic forces at work in the film. It’s a brief and nasty role, but it serves as a memorable spark for everything else in the film.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen’s Jenna Ortega’s Killer Campiness


The violent black comedy from Netflix The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a horror sequel game with self-aware campy beats. Ortega plays Phoebe, a fresh student who becomes engrossed in assisting Cole, the protagonist of The Babysitter, in eluding the wicked cultists pursuing him. Aside from being a well-rounded character, Phoebe subverts the stereotype of “have sex, get dead” when her sleeping with Cole derail the cultists’ plans. It’s a well-acted character in a scary movie with a lot of laughs.

Wednesday, American Carnage, and Scream 6 star Jenna Ortega.


Following that, Ortega has three promising horror projects in the works. While not a large franchise name like her other in-development projects, American Carnage appears to be another comic horror film, keeping her scary performances fresh and accessible. The first details about Scream 6 have starting to surface. While it’s understandable to be disappointed by Neve Campbell’s exit from the franchise, Ortegaa’s continued performance as Tara will carry the flame forward. The Jenna Ortega excitement is at an all-time high, thanks to the recent teaser trailer for Netflix’s Wednesday, which features her modern take as a dead ringer for the classic Addams Family child.

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