Kanye West Makes Jokes About His “Wife Choices” During an Appearance at the BET Awards

When he made a surprise cameo at the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday night, Kanye West made a not-so-subtle allusion to Kim Kardashian.

West made an appearance at the awards ceremony to commemorate his friend Sean “Diddy” Combs, also known as Puff Daddy, while dressed entirely in black. He mentioned his own “life choices” and “marriage choices” when paying tribute, which sparked a giggle from the audience and a stir on social media.

Kardashian and West split in 2021, and their divorce was officially finalised this year.

Although West has been outspoken about his distaste for the comedian, Kardashian has been seeing SNL star Pete Davidson since their breakup.

West assisted in introducing Combs to the stage at the BET Awards so that he could receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

West said of Combs, “I still seek his advice now. “He is the source of so many of my decisions and choices in life. my wife’s preferences” After that, he waited as the audience in the room reacted. He added, “Thanks for that, Puff,” in jest.

People on social media talked about West’s remarks and the fact that his mouth and face were hidden by his attire.

Twitter user @dme 363 stated, “Kanye West lost his wife Kim Kardashian to a comedian and he became one.

Kanye West Makes Jokes About His “Wife Choices”

Reddit users remarked on how “light-hearted” West’s tweet appeared to be, despite the fact that he has previously made threats against Davidson in song lyrics that seemed to reflect his anger at the circumstance.

@imsoappalled222 commented: “Someone suggested he was shading kim but it sounds like he was kidding about the situation.” @Minimum Option6757 concurred and stated: “Good to hear him joke about it it’s clearly light hearted.”

“Sincerely, it’s good to hear it from you. Maybe he’s coping now “said @gothblessyou. West and Kardashian have both responded to their divorce amicably, which is a “wonderful method of dealing with unpleasant life situations,” according to @itsjustphe, another Reddit member.

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West had a full black mask covering his face while speaking on stage; he also wore sunglasses, a cap, a coat, and pants.

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