Lizzo is the first female host on Saturday Night Live to introduce herself as a musical guest.

The singer appeared to be in high spirits while hosting “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, where she also performed as a musical guest. So much so that she did the internet equivalent of a hair toss on Sunday when she announced that she was the first female host of the famed sketch programme to introduce herself as the musical guest.

“Ladies and gentlemen… me,” Lizzo declared during the live event before performing her new hit “About Damn Time.”

LIzzo stated at first that she was the first host to introduce herself. However, once a fan pointed out that Chance the Rapper — who served as both host and musical guest in 2019 — had done it before, Lizzo quickly corrected the error and clarified her still-historical title.

But, as HuffPost points out, if Lizzo wants a gender-neutral title, it’s possible. “Ladies and gentlemen…,” Chance the Rapper said as he introduced himself. We believe Lizzo will go down in history as the first “SNL” host to announce themselves in the first person, alongside Chance the Rapper.

Sure, her title is a touch technical — but whether she was the first or second “SNL” host to introduce themselves, one thing is certain: she nailed it onstage. Watch her perform “About Damn Time” in its entirety below.

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