Matt Lucas’ sour relationship with David Walliams, included a heated backstage brawl over chocolate

With their sketch show comedy, the creators of Little Britain and Come Fly With Me became household names, but after a nasty feud, they refused to work together for eight years.

During their heyday as a comedic pair in the Noughties, the monarchs of Little Britain became household names.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams, on the other hand, have made no secret of the fact that they haven’t gotten along for years, with confessions of backstage fights and conflicts about tour candy contributing to drive a gulf between them.

When Matt, 48, and David, 50, decided to cease working together in 2011, their friendship was severely strained.

They reconciled a few years later, apparently following the loss of their mutual close friend, Supermarket Sweep host Dale Winton, in 2018.

Since then, they’ve collaborated on a Little Britain radio spin-off, and Matt says they’re back to talking every day about comic ideas.

Here’s why their relationship deteriorated after such a brilliant period in their careers.

What went wrong between Matt Lucas and David Walliams?


According to Matt’s autobiography published in 2017, the two fought over little matters like what sort of chocolate to eat backstage during their live performances.

After meeting at the National Youth Theatre in the early 1990s, the two comics had known each other for years.

Matt and David were at the pinnacle of their careers in 2005, having completed the third season of the sketch show Little Britain.

However, their friendship was beginning to fray, with Matt claiming that they had petty disputes behind the scenes on their Little Britain Live tour that year.

Between 2010 and 2011, they reconciled enough to film a single season of airport mockumentary Come Fly With Me, but that would be the last time they collaborated for years.

How bad did Matt Lucas’s feud with David Walliams get?


Not only did they have a spat over chocolate, but they also had a screaming match one night over David’s facial hair during the gig.

“They were suddenly hurling obscenities at each other,” Matt explained. Separate dressing rooms were also reportedly required.

Matt, a former Shooting Stars member, even poked fun at David’s second career as a children’s book author, joking in his autobiography that the actor could “probably buy his own private jet, all decked out in pink, with a river inside it for him to swim up” – a reference to Walliams’ River Thames charity swim.

Matt wasn’t the only one who expressed dissatisfaction with their long-standing working relationship.

“We’re quite different individuals and presumably seek different things and had different working approaches,” Walliams told the BBC’s Radio 4 in 2012 while promoting his book, Camp David.

“For the time being, it’s over.” I’m not sure if it’s over for good.”

When did Matt Lucas and David Walliams re-establish their friendship?

Following their reunion at Dale Winton’s burial, the comedy writers resumed their collaborations a year later in 2019, ending an eight-year hiatus.

They created a one-off special episode of Little Britain called Little Brexit, which aired on BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom, where the show first aired in 2000.

They performed as characters from the hit Noughties programme during a 2020 reunion, fueling rumours of a Little Britain 2.

They appeared together on Zoom for the televised coronavirus charity appeal The Big Night In, using common household items as props and costumes.

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