Nathalie Emmanuel starring Horror “The Invitation” – Poster and Trailer released

A poster and trailer have been made available by Sony Pictures for the upcoming horror film The Invitation, directed by Jessica M. Thompson and starring Nathalie Emmanuel as a young woman who accepts an invitation to a lavish wedding in the English countryside from a long-lost cousin only to discover that her bloodthirsty hosts have other plans for her.

Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) undergoes a DNA test following the passing of her mother as she has no other known relatives.

Nathalie-Emmanuel-starring-Horror The-Invitation—Poster-and-Trailer-released1

She learns she has a long-lost cousin she was unaware she had. When she accepts an invitation from her new family to attend a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she is initially seduced by the sexy aristocrat host but is soon plunged into a nightmare of survival as she learns dark secrets about her family’s past and the sinister motivations behind their generous giving.

The cast also includes Thomas Doherty, Stephanie Corneliussen, Alana Boden, Courtney Taylor, Hugh Skinner, and Sean Pertwee in addition to Nathalie Emmanuel.

August 26 marks the release of The Invitation in theatres.

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