Ozzy Osbourne Shares a Single and Announces New Album, “Patient Number 9”

Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, the late Taylor Hawkins, and other musicians are featured on Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming album, Patient Number 9, which will be released on September 9 via Epic. Ozzy also contributed to the title track, which features guitar player Jeff Beck as a guest.

The legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne just underwent a significant procedure that, according to his wife Sharon, “will define the remainder of his life.” The Iron Man recently tweeted that he appears to be on the mend.

“I am now home from the hospital recuperating comfortably. I am definitely feeling the love and support from all my fans and send everyone a big thank you for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes during my recovery.”

Ozzy Osbourne Shares a Single

The follow-up to his 2020 LP Ordinary Man, Ozzy’s new star-studded record Patient Number 9 is aiding in his recovery. In a Q&A on his website, Osbourne provided further details about the new album:

“My last album (Ordinary Man) was released just a few weeks before the pandemic started, and I was just about getting ready to go into the studio to work on this new one when the world shut down,” he said. “It’s no secret that the last four years have been very difficult for me but making this album took my mind off of my problems.”

In order to create Patient Number 9, Ozzy once again collaborated with Andrew Watt, who also worked on Ordinary Man. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses, Chris Chaney of Alice in Chains, and late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins all make appearances on the album.

Former Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi also makes a cameo appearance on “Degradation Rules,” marking the first time Tony has played on an Ozzy Osbourne solo record. Osbourne’s longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde returned to play throughout the album.

“It was really great working with Tony,” Ozzy said. “He’s the riff master. No one can touch him in that respect. I only wish we had these songs for Black Sabbath’s 13 album.”

Ozzy Osbourne Shares a Single

Osbourne also discussed working with Jeff Beck, Patient Number 9’s opening track, and the album’s title. “The song is about an asylum for the insane. It is truly amazing and an absolute honour to have someone like Jeff Beck play on my album. He plays the guitar like no other, and his solo on “Patient Number 9” is absolutely jaw-dropping.

A music video for “Patient Number 9” was also released, directed by Todd McFarlane, and it includes some of Ozzy’s original artwork for the first time in one of his videos. 

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