Fans anticipate Junior will be a major star, so Peter Andre teases his son Junior’s music career.

PETER ANDRE has spoken out about his son Junior’s music career following the publication of a teaser for his upcoming album.

The singer’s 16-year-old son with Katie Price has signed with the same label as his father.

“He truly deserves everything coming his way.” Peter, 49, said today of Junior’s hard work.

In his column for New magazine, he wrote: “On TikTok, we just uploaded a teaser snippet of one of Junior’s tracks.

“The feedback and praise he’s received from fans has been incredible already and I know there are bigger things on the horizon for him.

“Junior’s been focussed on this for such a long time now, so to see all his hard work paying off just makes me so proud.”

Last week, the young artist shared a video of him in the studio singing a portion of his new song Slide.

Katie Price and Peter Andre's son Junior was seen smiling in the studio
Katie Price and Peter Andre’s son Junior was seen smiling in the studio

“A little something we’ve been cooking up,” Junior captioned the video.

He was seen singing: “I spy with my two eyes something beginning with B. Beautiful girl from my point of view looking like she was made for me.”

Junior’s family was among the first to express their gratitude, with Peter remarking, “Amazing son.” “So proud ❤️.” wrote Sister Princess.

Fans praise Junior

One fan wrote: “I think we need to completely blow this up and get him in no1 on the radio! This is unreal 🥰.”

Another compared him to a US megastar writing: “The next English Beiber with a slightly different vibe 🔥.”

A third said: “Tuneeee junior son keep going all the way, Ur voice sounds amazing.”

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