The fans of the 1000-lb Sisters are becoming concerned for Tammy Slaton after spotting heartbreaking details in a photo of Amy Slaton, who is pregnant

Tammy, 35 and Amy (34), posed together in a new photo for TLC’s 1000-Lb Brothers.

Amy smiled proudly while wearing skin-tight Jeans to show her remarkable progress, even though she is expecting her second baby.

While Amy was praised by her fans for her progress, Tammy was still very worried.

Reddit users were shocked by Tammy’s appearance as the photo was republished.

One wrote, “Amy looks amazing!” Although she’s made some great strides, Tammy is only getting worse.

Tammy has been receiving requests from fans to update her health on Instagram.

Star of 1000-Lb Sisters has been in rehab for some time. She recently lost over 100lbs.

One commented on a post recently: “We would love a life update please.”

Tammy didn’t respond to the fan, but another wrote: “I hope that she is okay.”

Another added “Take care of your own health,” while a third said, “You look great Tammy, but you need do better for yourself and your family and your nephew!”

Another user posted on Instagram that she had gained weight. At least, I believe so.

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