The Star of the Young and Restless – Mishael Morgan – First Black actress to win a Daytime Emmy® Awards

Mishael Morgan is enjoying her historic Daytime Emmy Award victory.

The 35-year-old star of The Young and the Restless took up the award for Best Outstanding Lead Performance in a Daytime Drama: Woman at the 49th annual gala on Friday night, becoming the first Black actress to do so.

The long-running CBS serial opera’s Amanda Sinclair and former Hilary Curtis star Morgan received a standing ovation when she won the prestigious prize and spoke candidly about her childhood in her acceptance speech, according to Deadline.

Mishael Morgan – First Black actress to win a Daytime Emmy Award

She said, “I was born on a small island in the Caribbean, and now I’m standing on an international stage and I’m being celebrated for being the best at what I do, regardless of the colour of my skin or the country I’m from or my passport. Now that there are young girls all around the world, they can aim to be the best in any field or profession.

She went on: “I must express my gratitude to the viewers and everyone at home. They welcomed me when I first appeared on this programme, and I couldn’t be more proud of our generation.”

“I feel really privileged to be a conduit for this movement and to be present while we smash glass ceilings left, right, and centre. We can all work together to achieve equality and togetherness in the world today “Added she.

Just a few months after she endured an unimaginable sorrow, she achieved history.

Mishael Morgan – First Black actress to win a Daytime Emmy Award

The actress revealed during the end of March that the house fire that claimed the lives of Nazir, his wife Raven O’Dea, and their three children in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, also claimed the lives of her husband Navid Ali.

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Morgan wrote at the time, in part, “On Monday morning, my husband’s only brother, killed with his wife & 3 kids in a devastating house fire.” “I still cannot believe what I am hearing.”

In an interview with Global News, Raven O’Dea’s father, Louie Felipa, claimed that one of the reasons the fire went out of control was that there were no functional fire alarms in the house.

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