Whoopi Goldberg, moderator of The View, amuses co-hosts with ANOTHER HUGE gaffe during live chat show.

Tuesday night, THE View moderator Whoopi Goldberg amused her co-hosts with yet another significant gaffe during their live chat programme.

In the past couple of weeks, the 66-year-old television personality has made a number of on-air errors.

Just as The View returned from a commercial break, Whoopi began reading the next guest’s introduction from the teleprompter.

Whoopi Goldberg had problems from the beginning.

Whoopi told viewers, “Welcome back,” but then she began mumbling through the next few words as she got out: “Kristen Bell is very funny actress.”

As she continued, the moderator again confused matters by reading: “Half of a beloved celebrity cup…

Couple! Sorry.”

All co-hosts of The View could be heard giggling in the background at the gaffe.

This resulted in Whoopi smiling and laughing over her error.

Finally, she was able to start things up again enough to finish reading that Kristen is also a “New York Times bestselling children’s author.”

Following the conclusion of the introduction, the Veronica Mars actress was welcomed onto the stage, and the hosts attempted to move on from Whoopi’s error.

The previous week, Whoopi made a different teleprompter error on the programme.


Approximately halfway through the most recent broadcast of The View, a pre-recorded segment was aired.

Dominique, one of the show’s superfans, was startled by presenter Sunny Hostin’s attendance and the opportunity to perform in front of a studio audience.

After their scripted dialogue concluded, The View returned to a live format, and Whoopi was prepared to carry the show forward, but the teleprompter had other ideas.

As the entire hosting panel came into view, Whoopi began the next segment of the day’s programme by remarking, “Since there’s nothing else to discuss—”

The moderator stopped herself off suddenly after realising she had made an error when reading from the prompter.

Oh, I suppose– it now says ‘Sunny ad-lib'” Whoopi read while being bewildered.

She was assisted by Sunny, who stated, “Oh, I believe they wanted me to update everyone on Dominique.”

The other co-hosts could be heard giggling in the background at the uncertainty.

A couple of weeks ago, Whoopi was ridiculed on social media for making another major mistake on The View.

As Whoopi described a recent occurrence in the art world at the Louvre, the blunder occurred.

Fans, however, were less concerned with the topic at hand and more intrigued in how the View host spoke the museum’s name.

One astonished viewer asked: “Did Whoopi say the LOO-va?”

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