Experts claim that pets can help people cope with stress and anxiety.

Dogs and also cats are more than just a human’s best friend. The four-legged friends have been shown in studies to be a guiding light and safety net for overall health and emotional well-being.

Interacting with animals has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and lessen cortisol (a stress-related hormone). Animals have also been shown to alleviate loneliness, promote emotions of social support, and improve happiness in other research.

Pets are like Children

Many of us have both pets and children, and we treat them similarly in many ways. The same way we take our kids to the playground, we take our dogs to the dog park. We buy gifts for our pets and decorate them for the holidays. We often take them on family holidays with us.

“I’m the youngest of six kids, so all my siblings have kids, and I got to battle saying, ‘she is my daughter, just like they them,’” said dog owner Katie Bloomgren, the mom of Reagan.

Pets provide comfort and security

According to experts, we love our pets because they provide benefits that humans cannot always provide. Their unwavering affection aids us in coping with stress and worry.

Animals can provide a sense of security and comfort. This is something that therapy dogs excel at. They’re occasionally taken into hospitals or nursing homes to help patients cope with stress and anxiety.

“They remind us of our place in the world. People are complicated and they have complicated expectations and needs,” said dogwalker Giancarlo Dozzi.

Pets help in lowering depression

More individuals resorted to animals during the pandemic to help them cope with the uncertainties. During the epidemic, experts think dog owners enjoyed more social support and less depressed symptoms.

Another study indicated that children with autism spectrum disorder were calmer in the classroom while they were interacting with guinea pigs. The children’s anxiety levels decreased after spending 10 minutes in a supervised group playtime with guinea pigs. In addition, the youngsters had improved social connections and were more engaged with their peers. According to the researchers, the animals provided unconditional acceptance, making them a soothing comfort to the children.

Pets are true companions

“Not only does it give someone companionship but it also helps set a routine of getting out of the house, especially with loneliness or feeling sad,” said AHN psychiatrist Dr. Aleicia Kaplan.

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