According to an Astrologer, Geminis are always playing Devil’s Advocate.

For hundreds of years, astrology has been a source of wisdom, and many people consult their birth charts to learn more about their zodiac signs and themselves. Your sun is in Gemini if you were born between May 21 and June 21, a sign known for its intellect, wit, and enjoyment of a good debate. POPSUGAR chatted with professional astrologer Rebecca Gordon about what it means to be a Gemini, and she broke down the most common characteristics of this unusual zodiac sign.

Characteristics of Gemini: They’re witty

“Mercury, the fastest planet, rules the Geminis,” Gordon tells “Their mental agility is well-known. They are the information disseminators. Their capacity to process information fast sets them apart from the rest of the Zodiac.” Geminis, according to Gordon, are good journalists, reporters, and writers because of their ability to process and express information fast.

Gemini Characteristics: They’re a sassy bunch.

Geminis enjoy a good dispute and will frequently play the opposing side just for fun. “They love to learn and share, but they love playing devil’s advocate even more,” Gordon laughs. “They enjoy the cerebral exercise. It’s a form of exercise. For them, it’s all about mental gymnastics.” Are Geminis playing the devil’s advocate to get under your skin? No. It’s simply a fun approach for them to consider new perspectives that they may not have completely considered previously.

Gemini Characteristics: They’re Inquisitive

Geminis, on the other hand, are constantly trying to learn new things. They are naturally drawn to the unknown and attempt to solve it. This is also a factor in their disagreements. “On every subject, a Gemini will be able to view 360 degrees,” Gordon says. “They’ll view things from this perspective, but they’ll also enjoy challenging you from the opposing perspective.”

Gordon thinks Geminis to be skilled at perceiving and showing both sides of the same coin, rather than conceiving of them as “two-faced.” “Their purpose on the world is perceptual awareness, so they don’t necessarily have an emotional tie to either side. Its purpose is to present you with two sides of the same tale “she explains. A profession in the media is a popular choice for Geminis. “They have a natural ability to see both sides of an issue, which is why you see them in journalism and the media.”

Gemini Characteristics: They’re Alluring

Geminis have a reputation for being “double-faced,” yet they’re actually incredibly charming. Gordon argues, “They are clearly intelligent socializers.” “They can read a room, stroll into it, and talk to whoever they need to within the first few minutes of being there. They have the potential to be strategic.” Geminis, as an air sign, may readily adjust their energies depending on who they’re with in order to better connect with them and put them at ease.

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