Elon Musk replies to rumours that he wants to purchase . OANN

Elon Musk, the billionaire inventor and businessman who is attempting to buy Twitter, is no stranger to difficulties. Musk said it wasn’t him when OANN CEO Robert Herring appeared to tweet that his fledgling TV network had met its white knight.

“We just received a call from someone extremely close to Elon Musk telling us that he would like to talk to us about purchasing OANN,” reads a tweet from what seems to be Herring’s unverified account.

Musk is the richest person on the planet, with a net worth of nearly $218 billion. That doesn’t appear to indicate he’s looking for a cable channel dedicated to all things Donald Trump and the right wing.

Musk replied, “Only Twitter.”


Musk was rumoured to be in the midst of purchasing the social media network he frequently utilises as a means of expression for approximately $44 billion in April. That agreement has hit a few obstacles, notably Musk’s concerns that a higher-than-expected percentage of the platform’s users are bots.

OANN, which stands for One America News Network, was dealt a major setback in early April when its primary distributor, DirecTV, left it. After being dumped, the conservative publication filed a lawsuit against the parent firm of that digital satellite provider, AT&T.

Two voting technology companies have sued OANN, seeking over a billion dollars in damages for losses they believe the cable channel caused by its reporting on suspected vote anomalies in the 2020 election. When Trump was in office, the station unashamedly praised him and continued to refer to him as “President Trump” long after he had left office.

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OANN has a track record of hiring shady conspiracy theorists. It’s unclear who informed Herring that Musk is interested in purchasing his business. OANN did not react to a request for comment right away.

It’s unclear if Herring concocted the concept of a Musk acquisition himself or was misled by a prankster impersonating a Musk employee. Requests for response from Herring and Musk were not returned.

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