‘I’m super against tradition,’ Gabourey Sidibe, 39, says of her unorthodox ‘Brides’ cover.

Love comes first for Gabourey Sidibe, followed by a magazine cover. The actress makes history as the first curvy Black woman to appear in Brides this month, donning unique wedding outfits like a yellow tulle number and an African print long-sleeved dress.

Gabourey Sidibe does not need a ‘White Gown’

Gabourey Sidibe does not need a ‘White Gown’ – BRIDES Cover

Gabourey Sidibe’s vision for her wedding is reflected in the dress. She told the publication, “I’m really against tradition.” “I don’t think I need a white gown.” But she’s not stopping there; she’s also skipping the bridesmaids and the bachelorette party. “There will be no typical wedding. It simply cannot be. Nothing should be done the ‘conventional’ way. Our relationship is on our terms, and I want it to be enjoyable, like a real party.”

Get Married in a Bathroom…. What???

Gabourey Sidibe & Brandon Franke Wedding Plans

The 39-year-old and her fiancé Brandon Frankel are planning a wedding for spring 2023. However, it’s still possible that the couple, who met on the high-profile dating app Raya, will simply elope. “‘No, we shouldn’t have a wedding,’ I’ve been saying the entire time we’ve been engaged. Perhaps we’ll hold a BBQ, get married in the toilet, and then announce our marriage to the world.”

Regardless, Sidibe has revealed that intimacy is a primary concern for the marriage, stating that she is not seeking to host the next Project X for clout-chasing strangers. “I’m hoping for maybe 20 people, maybe 75. In any case, the people who wish to honour us do not enjoy being the centre of attention.”

Sidibe wants a long-term relationship

Sidibe doesn’t need the traditional signs of the big day. Instead, she wants to focus on celebrating a moment she didn’t thought would happen for a long time, admitting that there were times she didn’t think she’d get to experience a long-term relationship.

“I couldn’t envision myself dating someone I liked. It turns out, it’s entirely doable! So I’m glad I was wrong about where I thought my life would go in terms of relationships. [Brandon] is a fantastic, fantastic collaborator.”

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