This Beckham is the wealthiest of them all — and you might be surprised.

And it isn’t either Victoria or David.

The Beckhams are one of the wealthiest British families, but one member in particular has a sizable bank account.

David Beckham, 46, and Victoria Beckham, 47, are reported to be worth $450 million USD each, owing to David’s long football career and other designer partnerships. Victoria’s net worth has skyrocketed as a result of her stint in the legendary British girlband Spice Girls, as well as her successful fashion and beauty careers.

Brooklyn Beckham has achieved popularity in America not just through his photography business, but also through his recent interest in food, as he collaborated with Facebook to launch a cookery series.

Cruz Beckham, 16, debuted in the music industry in 2016 with his Christmas hit If Everyday Was Christmas.

But it’s the gang’s second oldest child, Romeo Beckham, who has risen to the top of the rich list among his siblings – and we wouldn’t be surprised if he soon gives his parents a run for their money (pardon the pun).

The 19-year-old aspiring footballer has followed in his father’s footsteps, signing his first professional football contract with USL League One club Fort Lauderdale, but has lately confirmed a long-term deal with sports giant PUMA.

As part of the agreement with PUMA, Romeo is expected to earn a stunning £1.2 million for the signing alone.

A source tells Romeo’s thriving career, saying, ‘Romeo was paid £1.2 million for his deal to become the new worldwide face of Puma.’

‘He’s the richest of the Beckham brood now and like his father is on a fast track to super stardom.’

David, the former England football captain, worked for Adidas for over 20 years, and Romeo is expected to do the same for PUMA.

Other famous designer labels, on the other hand, have their sights set on Romeo.

‘Designer brand Yves Saint Laurent have shown a real interest in Romeo after he worked with them in the summer and it’s likely they’ll try and snare him for another campaign.

‘The future is very bright for Romeo and it won’t be long until he’s banking another million’, the source continued.

Romeo is ecstatic about his new endeavour because it “combines his love for fashion and football,” he said in a statement announcing the collaboration.

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