BEYONCÉ confuses the Internet after removing Pictures from her Profile

After deleting many social profile photographs, Beyoncé prompted scepticism among music and social media fans.

Queen B has broken the internet and become a Twitter star since her delete spree.

Since social media became the most common communication channel, several artists have withdrawn their social media posts or even sites to make significant announcements.


“The last time she did this was in 2016,” a Twitter user named @beyonceparkwood commented. Beyoncé removed her branding, released Formation, and announced her fifth world tour in less than 48 hours. Be afraid. We’re in for a wild weekend,” says the narrator.

Beyoncé has a lot of people’s attention right now. Her most recent endeavour, on the other hand, has been welcomed with both scepticism and high expectations.

Some fans assume that instead of releasing music, Beyoncé will reveal a new endeavour.


“Beyonce erased her profile images on every single platform she’s on,” another admirer tweeted in response to the deleted profile photographs. I’m going to bed terrified and nervous about what I could find when I wake up.”

It’s been six years since the Bey Hive was given an album, which was released in 2016. Despite the fact that the rest of her feed is still up and running, fans are waiting for a huge announcement about her seventh studio album.

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