It’s finally here!!! Olivia Jade Giannulli And Jacob Elordi Are Officially Dating

Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Giannulli are now officially dating. People have been debating whether or not they are dating for several days. According to rumours, the two are delighted with each other and are officially married. It is unquestionably fantastic news for all of the supporters.

The following content explains the relationship status in greater detail. Please take a look to discover everything you want to know about your favourite celebrities.

Are Olivia Jade Giannulli and Jacob Elordi a couple? Officially Dating Jacob Elordi, the star of The Kissing Booth, has been tight-lipped about his relationship with her rumoured girlfriend Olivia. Olivia, on the other hand, has become a significant influencer, with millions of people following her on social media. The two are frequently seen together and recently made their relationship public.

This is not the first relationship for any of these lovers. Jackson Guthy was Olivia’s boyfriend and Kaia Gerber was Jacob’s girlfriend before they got together. Jade Giannulli and Elordi grew closer after divorcing with their respective partners. Although they initially refused to accept this truth and kept their connection a secret, they eventually chose to share their feelings.

Olivia Jade Giannulli And Jacob Elordi Are Officially Dating

They were spotted hiking together in various places, not just on casual dates, but also by the media. Furthermore, both of them like dogs and are frequently seen walking with them. The fans’ speculations about whether the couple was dating or not were put to rest when the couple refused to conceal it any longer. Hundreds of posts have been made to the well-wishers’ social media accounts. We all hope that the couple will be able to stay together for a long time and be very happy. Naturally, fans are looking forward to seeing what new projects the two will be working on. Furthermore, they are satisfied with the couple’s current relationship life and desire for them to succeed in their employment.

Elordi’s Previous Dating Experiences

Jacob Elordi has an extensive schedule of upcoming events. In fact, determining who this outstanding personality did not hook up with is difficult. Oh, it is a great joke, but Jacob is a Romeo in every sense of the word. The dates began with Joey King, his Kissing Booth co-star. This sitcom, which aired on Netflix, starred these two as the main characters.

Within a few days, the on-screen couples continued their amorous affairs off-screen as well. They broke up in 2018 after being together for so long. After that, Jacob’s name was linked to Zendaya in 2019. Jacob’s co-star in Euphoria was this stunning woman.

Olivia Jade Giannulli And Jacob Elordi Are Officially Dating

He switched partners again after a year, this time with Kaia Gerber. This relationship, though, was just a year old. Of course, he lavished compliments on his fiancée and stated in public that Gerber is a natural public speaker. He also acknowledged that Kaia taught him how to deal with a variety of negative situations with ease.

In Brief: Olivia’s Romantic Life
After Jacob Elordi, it’s time to talk about Olivia Jade Giannulli’s romances. They are, however, not as large as Jacob’s. Of course, a few men entered her life, but none of them succeeded to become a long-term relationship. Jackson Guthy is the most well-known and significant relationship that people are aware of. The two have been dating since 2019, but their on-again, off-again romance has always raised doubts about their partnership’s sustainability.

Finally, in 2021, the couple announced their separation. Olivia loved this man, according to trusted sources in 2020. As a result, her supporters were baffled as to why she had broken up with him. After a few days, the Instagram sensation stated that she is now completely single.

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