Jay Cutler’s Alleged Hookup With A Friend’s Wife

Jay Cutler, a former NFL quarterback, is no stranger to controversy. The one-time Pro Bowler was regularly in the news during his playing career and in the immediate aftermath.

Over the last few years, Cutler has kept himself pretty occupied. It’s been one thing after another for him, between his multiple sexual relationships and his unusual ability to get female ESPN hosts into trouble.

This week, a potentially explosive report concerning Cutler surfaced.

Cutler “was found ‘hooking up’ with his good friend’s wife when they were on a family vacation,” according to In Touch Weekly.

Cutler and his children went on a trip with a friend, his wife, and their children, according to the article. The wife’s husband apparently became aware of his betrothed’s and Cutler’s proclivities under his nose at some point during the festivities.

The two had apparently been “hooking up for a long time.”

“Jay went on vacation with his kids and his friend and his wife and their kids,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “The husband and Jay are good friends and also neighbors. Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was hooking up with his wife.”

That isn’t the worst part, though.

“The friend reached out to [ex-wife Kristin Cavallari], so that’s how she found out,” a source also added. “She just wants to distance herself from all of this.”

Oh my goodness.

Athletes obviously follow a separate set of regulations. There’s a reason why good and healthy relationships are so uncommon in that environment.

But this is harsh.

Aaron Rodgers, for example, is clearly a flawed man. At the very least, he isn’t supposedly breaking apart families.

Cutler has faced defamatory allegations before. When his wife Kristin Cavallari filed for divorce, she accused him of “inappropriate marital conduct” in her filing.