Is Instagram down right now? Users Have Reported Login Issues.

Instagram users claimed that they were unable to access the service on Twitter and the Down Director website.

Today, Instagram is having some issues. Instagram is aware of the problems and is trying to resolve them. You are not alone if you are experiencing problems accessing Instagram right now. Many individuals are seeing displays claiming they’re not logged in, blank image posts, “Welcome to Instagram” messages as if they have a fresh new account, or feeds that stop loading after the first few photographs, according to reports all over the internet (DownDetector, Reddit). When trying to visit Instagram, many Verge staffers are having similar problems.

Instagram is down

“We’re aware that some individuals are having problems using Instagram,” Instagram communications lead Seine Kim stated in response to a question from The Verge. We’re working hard to restore normalcy as soon as possible, and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

Other services are still available, and the outage does not appear to be localised. The network disruption trackers at Netblocks have detected that Instagram’s “intermittent” troubles are happening all around the world, although no widespread blocking appears to be taking place.

We haven’t seen any of Instagram’s in-app outage status alerts, which the company began testing shortly after last year’s catastrophic Facebook network outage and which would alert users to any serious technical issues affecting the site or its services.

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