WhatsApp is now allowing you to hide your ‘Last Seen’ status from certain people.

WhatsApp started handing out emoji reactions this week. And it appears that the corporation is on the verge of implementing another long-overdue feature. WhatsApp has added an option to its iOS app’s latest beta release that allows users to restrict who can view their “Last Seen” status.

What is “Last Seen” status.

If you’re unfamiliar with that function of WhatsApp, it’s the feature that shows when someone last checked the app, and it’s a method to see if a contact has seen your message even if read receipts are disabled. WhatsApp has allowed you to limit who sees your status to only your contacts for a while now. You can also turn off the feature entirely, but you won’t be able to exclude certain people from seeing the information.

"Last Seen" status.

However, under the Last Seen section of the app’s privacy settings, WhatsApp iOS beta version adds a new “My Contacts Except…” option. Adding someone to that list, also stops you from seeing their status. WhatsApp is also developing more detailed privacy controls for both profile images and about sections, according to the publication. With the functionality now accessible in beta on both Android and iOS, it won’t be long until it’s made official in WhatsApp.

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