SKINNY SISTER Sister Wives followers are shocked to see Christine Brown appear as a “new person”.

Fans of SISTER Wives are in awe at Christine Brown’s “new person” appearance. After a dramatic weight reduction makeover, the 49-year-old TLC performer took to social media to express her joy.

On Instagram, she shared a picture of herself and her granddaughter, Avalon, who was sleeping soundly in her arms. Zelda, the cat belonging to her daughter Truely, was also nestled up next to her on the comfy chair. A floral outfit and a smile were on display as Christine posed for the photograph.

After posting the picture, the delighted mother captioned it: “It just doesn’t get much better than this! Cuddles from Avalon and Truely’s cat, Zelda! #blessed #oma”

SISTER Wives Christine Brown weight loss green dress

The sheer joy on Christine’s face elicited jubilant responses from fans. Since divorcing Kody Brown in November of 2021, she’s also been working hard to shed pounds.

Fans post happy comments

One fan commented: “You look amazing it’s like you have gained a place of happiness!
“The sadness is gone from your eyes.”

A second celebrated: “Your happiness is palpable! I’m thrilled for you!”

A third added: “I am so happy for you!
“I hope you are living your absolute best life and by the looks of this picture, you are!”

Christine’s well-wishes come after she revealed her weight-loss accomplishment with her Instagram followers.

Different Woman

SISTER Wives Christine Brown weight loss flowery dress

She’s lost a lot of weight after splitting up with 53-year-old Kody.

In March 1994, the Sister Wives stars were spiritually wedded, and in November 2021, they announced the end of their partnership. Christine has been advertising a nutritious supplement while working to improve her appearance. She has not, however, mentioned how much weight she has shed to her fans.

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