Tyra Banks quits Twitter as ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Exposé Neared

Tyra Banks has quit from Twitter. The former Victoria’s Secret model has faced criticism for the judging panels, photoshoots, and challenges she created for her breakthrough reality television competition series America’s Next Top Model. Banks has been accused of pushing contestants to their boundaries for ratings, often to their cost. The iconic supermodel turned talk show host has been chastised for fat shaming, promoting Eurocentric beauty standards, and unfairly criticising candidates of race. Several ANTM alums recently spoke with Business Insider about their poor experiences on the show, reigniting the debate and outrage against Banks. Banks cancelled her Twitter account in the midst of the uproar.

In her tweet, Kate wrote, “What is Tyra like??? Actually, a pretty great boss according to many on ANTM’s crew. Of course, some contestants had a different take.” She then added in a follow-up post, “After I reached out for comment + fact check last week, Tyra Banks deleted her Twitter. (Could be unrelated! Who can say!) “

Kate Taylor, the author of the exposé, claims she contacted Banks for comment on the models’ allegations, but Banks declined. Taylor just declared that Banks is no longer on the social media platform in a Tweet. Banks has likewise kept silent on the topic, despite mounting pressure to do so.

Season 7 winner Eugena Washington had a surprising moment in the piece. She remembered a perilous runway challenge in a sloppy pool. A producer who wishes to remain anonymous states that prior to filming the runway challenge, they told divers to loosen the bolts joining the planks in order to make the runway more unsteady, creating more “drama.”

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