Warner Bros. is reconsidering Ezra Miller’s casting as The Flash.

Ezra Miller’s career appears to be crumbling in front of our eyes in real time.

Though Miller’s Flash film, directed by It’s Andrés Muschietti, is already finished, Warner Brothers may break relations with the actor entirely, according to film industry sources published in Deadline.

According to business sources, Miller will be fired as the Fastest Man Alive even if no further complaints or events emerge. “WB is not going to win this,” one source told the trade journal. “The hope is that the scandal will remain at a low level before the film is published, and that everything will end out well.”

What is Ezra Miller accused of?

Warner Bros. is reconsidering casting Ezra Miller as The Flash.
Ezra Miller

“The controversy” alludes not to either of Miller’s recent arrests in Hawaii for aggressive behaviour, but to their claimed kidnapping of Tokata Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old whom Miller met at the Standing Rock protests six years ago. According to court records filed in pursuit of a protective order against the actor, the teen’s family claims that Miller has used “violence, intimidation, threat of violence, terror, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to retain power over a young teenage Tokata.” Miller allegedly encouraged Tokata to use LSD and other drugs, flew them to destinations like London and New York City, and otherwise exhibited “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, dominating behaviour,” according to the lawsuit.

Tokata refuted this account of events in an Instagram statement and video last week, claiming that they are not being kept against their will. “It’s quite upsetting that the narrative of the ‘victim’ in question is not being trusted,” the teen stated, adding, “I’m disappointed in my parents and the press in every way.”

Did Ezra Miller threaten a neighbor with a Gun?

Warner Bros. is reconsidering casting Ezra Miller as The Flash.
Warner Bros. is reconsidering casting Ezra Miller as The Flash.

Another family in Massachusetts obtained a restraining order against Miller last week after several incidents in which Miller allegedly threatened a neighbour with a gun and harassed their 12-year-old nonbinary child with “pestering” compliments and uncomfortable encounters while Miller was believed to be intoxicated, according to the filing.

Grant Morrison, a nonbinary comic book writer who co-wrote a cancelled Flash story with Miller, told Rolling Stone last week that this isn’t the person they know. “I’m aware they’ve had these issues […] For a time, Ezra cut off touch with almost everyone. “They’re not the person they used to be,” Morrison explained.

Whatever the resolution, which we hope includes support and safety for all parties involved, Miller’s relationship with Warner Brothers and the DC Extended Universe appears to be coming to an end.

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