Escaped from the Sex Traffickers, A teen who was missing walks into the Police Station

A juvenile girl who had been missing for six months showed up at a police station on Friday morning, claiming to have escaped sex traffickers.

According to local news site PIX11 News, the 15-year-old Queens native entered the 121st Precinct of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in Staten Island, reporting that she had been drugged and sexually raped by the suspected traffickers. She was last seen on October 13th, when she was 14 years old. On Saturday, the NYPD verified the story to the site.

“She was being held with two other girls,” the girl’s mother told PIX11 News later on Friday. “She’s at the hospital on Staten Island.”

The mother provided a second description of what her daughter stated about her ordeal to the outlet. She was allegedly kidnapped by two males and detained someplace in Brooklyn until she was eventually passed on to another party in New Jersey, according to reports. According to the mother, she and the two other daughters were held in different rooms and drugged, with “guys coming in and out” to sexually abuse them.

“The girls, she don’t know the girls, because they always had them separated,” the mother explained, after speaking with her daughter via FaceTime once she was admitted to the hospital. “She lost a lot of weight. I can tell on her face that she got scars where they dragged her and did stuff to her.”

The youngster was tossed out of a car on Staten Island around midnight on Thursday and threatened by whoever was holding her at the time, but she managed to flee. According to PIX11 News, she was seen rushing through the streets of the borough and eventually begged a woman for directions to a police station, telling the stranger, “I’ve been kidnapped and raped, and these people are trying to hurt me.”

The girl will be interviewed by detectives from the NYPD’s Human Trafficking Unit, according to the NYPD.

Prior to this most recent traumatic incident, the girl’s family reported she had gone missing on several occasions. They think she got into problems because she interacted with unsavoury characters in a popular basketball mobile app.

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