People are obsessed with Bird’s reaction to seeing his image on a mug.

So many pets are becoming TikTok celebrities these days! These animals are all the rage, from a Beagle who enjoys baseball to a Golden Retriever that enjoys trying new foods to a cat who emits “crunchy meows.” However, one particularly popular pet bird is so well-known that he even has his own line of products.

With his tiny remarks of “What doin’?” Hamlet the bird has thrilled fans, and now the little man has his portrait on a coffee mug. His mother, @chantyb97, just posted a new video of him for the first time using his handmade mug. Take a look at his priceless reaction.

OMG. So the “What are you doing?” came as no surprise. But what about the kisses? Put a stop to it! It’s a crime that Hamlet is so adorable. This new video has enthralled his fans. As @Leah stated, “What are you up to? He is well aware that he is a lovely bird.” “Mr. Hamlet needs his own blend of coffee to match the cup,” another commenter, @Justin, suggested, “since if he has his own cup of his own coffee and then will have to buy a coffee cup.” LOL. That was a lot to take in, but it was amusing nevertheless. Then there was @Life in Tatters, who went on to say, “This is the most effective kind of marketing. I need this cup so that I can drink my coffee and grin every morning. He is the most adorable little blue bird.” He certainly makes a lot of people happy!

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