In this adorable video, a baby elephant tries to 'intimidate' the camera operator.


Adorable footage that showed a baby elephant trying to "intimidate" a camera operator has gone viral online.

Mock charging, said South African news website News24, is a tactic elephants use to determine whether or not someone is a threat

"An agitated elephant may run a few paces toward and then away from the intruder, making trumpeting sounds, in an attempt to scare the intruder.

If this fails it may launch a more serious attack—a mock charge culminating in an impressive display within a short distance from the intruder," the study's authors continued.

While the baby elephant seen in u/ChrisPChicken04's post doesn't make a sound, it does put on a bit of a show upon noticing that it's being filmed.

In the clip, the baby stops and stares at the camera operator before fanning its ears and charging at them.

As the elephant inches closer to the camera operator, however, it slows down and darts to the right, eventually taking refuge behind a nearby bush.

In the background, two larger elephants roam around, seemingly unbothered by the fact that they're being filmed.

Commenters loved the video and called the baby's mock charge "precious." "'Imma scare you...From behind this tree,'" joked u/PowerRealist.


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