Noah Thompson of American Idol reveals a new song as eager fans demand to hear it "ASAP."

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 A new song is being teased to fans by Kentucky native Noah, who at the age of 19 won the hearts of many with his voice.

The winner of American Idol's 20th season, vocalist Noah Thompson, is now among the competition's youngest ever champions. Jordin Sparks 17 is the youngest American Idol winner

A month after winning the competition and releasing his first song, Noah is already working on a new album for his followers.

He uploaded a portion of his unreleased song, along with the lyrics, in order to solicit comments before completing the work.

After releasing his debut single One Day Tonight and winning American Idol, the country lad is now previewing a brand-new song to fans.

On June 27, Noah, who is now 20 years old, shared a song called "On The Outside" with his 188k Instagram followers.

He was seeking advice from his fans while stating that the song was still in the early stages of development.

Through a TikTok video that received more than 27k likes, he posed the question: "Tell me what y'all think, should I complete it?? #songwriting#nashvilletn#ontheoutside.“

Due to his undeniably wonderful voice, Noah increased his fan base throughout the course of the three-month tournament.

Supporters excited for more


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